5 Star Hotel In KL Decides To Stay Closed For The Year

5-star Park Royal Kuala Lumpur will be fast-tracking its planned renovation by six months and in the process, offering a Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) to its staff.

According to an English daily, an internal memo was issued to staffs that the hotel had planned to undergo a phased renovation late this year.

However, due to the ongoing pandemic, the hotel will be undergoing a total closure for the renovation to take place mid-June this year.

The hotel is expected to stay closed for approximately 15 months.

“The total closure of the hotel,” he added, “will minimise the operating loss, plus the opportunity cost of doing a phased renovation,” he added,” a local English newspaper quoted the general manager.

Last day of employment for the hotel staff is said to be on June 8 while the VSS packages will be given to the staff on May 18.

According to FMT, the hotel had expected significant losses for the year, even after various cost reduction measures were taken into account.

The hotel’s closure comes after a string of hotels across the nation had announced temporary closure due to impact rising from the pandemic that had dealt a significant blow to both the hospitality and tourism sector of the country.

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