Rainy Weather Could Get Worst

If you’re feeling glum with the daily morning rain, well there’s no good news not until August that is, according to the Malaysian Meteorological Director General Jailan Simon we will be inundated by the wet weather until end of July. But a little rain hasn’t affect us that much, Malaysia experiences rain all year round […]

New Covid-19 Cluster Discovered In Melaka

It will take a week more weeks before Malaysia can really see a steady number of below 10 Covid-19 cases, this is because there are still thousands of citizen outside the country waiting to return who could be carriers. This was the case with the latest cluster identified in Melaka. According to Deputy General of […]

Covid-19: MoH Reports Single Digit Cases Today

Today, the Ministry of Health have identified 7 new cases, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 8,725 cases, with 83 active cases as of July 13. The 7 new cases are broken down as 6 imported and 1 domestic. 1 new case have recovered, bringing the total of recovered cases to 8,520. This […]

Macau Scam Ring Busted, Reveals How Staffs Were Paid With Commission

Johor state police made a successful snag when they managed to apprehend and bring down the country’s pioneering Macau Scam syndicate who used state of the art technology for their illegal operation. Ho & Michael the syndicate known for their sophisticated technique in scamming their victims, used ‘Got Further 62400’ a scrambling system they managed […]