Astro User Base Grows To 5.6 Million

Astro, the sole satellite broadcast service provider is showing resilience despite stiff competition from video streaming providers like Netflix, iFlix, Viu and Tonton who have all ramped up their offerings in recent months. The company has reported an increase in user base to 5.6 million a 7% addition with mostly coming from Njoi subscriber, the […]

Review: Wacom Intuos Wireless (CTL-4100WL)

Entry-level Expert  The refreshed Wacom Intuos is sleek and clean with four Expresskey buttons along the top-most edge of the tablet. The active surface of the tablet is the same as previous versions but the tablet itself has a smaller footprint and lighter weight. Wireless battery life has also seen a 60% improvement compared to […]

Review: A&S H49FNMY100

Big Screen Goodness At 49 inches, the A&S H49FNMY100 is a big screen designed for the living room. What makes this TV great is the value proposition; it costs lest than most flagship smartphones in the market today, and yet it supports just about any input device out there with ease. Be it a computer, […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Will Be Priced The Same As 2017’s Model

Microsoft is set to launch a new Surface product in the next few days, and early news points to the professional tablet, Microsoft Surface Pro 6, to be priced the same as last year’s model at launch. It will have some design change, but overall similar look to 2017’s model. Tipster @rquandt says that according […]

Google Set To Pay Apple USD9 Billion To Remain Preferred Search Engine

While Google has its own mobile OS, it is still at heart a search engine company. That is why it is set to pay Apple the privilege to remain as a preferred search engine for Cupertino’s operating systems. Even though Google is a ‘free’ search engine, it is still paying Apple an annual fee to […]

PC Revival Affecting Intel

It’s been a long time since we could even think of such an article, doomed to the annals of history, PC’s were seen as a sunset industry with the advent of firstly the tablets and then the smartphones. But a revival of sort is happening with computing getting more attention due to heavy processing needed […]

Review: Acer Predator Helios 300

Sticking to its Guns The Acer Predator Helios 300 is arguably one of Acer’s most popular mid-range gaming laptops to date. While it pales in comparison to the Helios 500 or the Triton 700, it handles perfectly well when it comes to casual-to-semi-serious gaming. Design-wise, the Helios 300 features the same look and feel as […]

Review: Dell G7 15

Rolling in the Deep Dell has always been known to be one of the pioneers when it came to gaming laptops. Thanks to its largely popular Dell Alienware gaming laptop series, it has propelled Dell to one of the top gaming laptop brands to look out for. However, its G Series of gaming laptops are […]