You Can Now Enjoy A 50GB Postpaid Line For Just RM 1 Per Month With U-Mobile’s Latest Promo

From today, U Mobile customers on the Unlimited HERO P139 plan will be able to register up to three (3) Share 20 postpaid lines to share P139’s 50GB of hotspot data at just RM1 per line monthly. This promo offers customers huge savings as the regular fee for a Share 20 line is RM20 per month.

Besides offering great value, the RM1 Share 20 promo also offers flexibility because on top of voice, customers may opt for a physical SIM or an e-SIM, which means one may use the line for various devices be it mobile phones, tablets, e-watches or as a mobile hotspot or home broadband.

In view of the current challenging climate due to the global pandemic, U Mobile also has an on-going RM0.99 Device Bonanza promo that enables one to take home a new phone for just RM0.99, on top of being able to activate a new Share 20 line for just RM1.

How the Share 20 promo works:

  • Promo available for Unlimited HERO P139 customers only
  • Each Unlimited HERO P139 customer may activate up to 3 Share 20 lines for RM1 monthly each. The Share 20 lines will share the 50GB hotspot data offered in the Unlimited HERO P139 plan
  • Promo only applicable for new Share 20 lines



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