YES RM49 Postpaid Plan Offers 5Mbps Speed With Unlimited Data

YES Mobile by YTL has introduced a new postpaid plan that offers users unlimited monthly data from as low RM49.

While we mostly know the operator to have an established 4G network the lack of coverage and reach has been the bane for many consumers, but that has not deterred the YTL owned operator who has been actively expanding the network of late. Without digressing too much, lets get back to the new postpaid offerings, starting from RM49 subscribers can get unlimited data with speeds capped at 5 Mbps that is accompanied by free 100 minutes of voice calls and free unlimited onnet voice. For those who opt for a 12 month contract can expect a RM3 rebate on the plan.

There other two options for the unlimited data plan are the RM79 and RM99 that pushes speed limit to 7MBps for the latter and no-cap for the former. Voice calls are doubled to 200 minutes and unlimited voice for the RM99 plan. These are for those who dont want to be tied down, however a 1 year contract package offers additional rebates of RM10 on the RM79 plan with Unlimited Voice as the carrot for the RM99 plan.

YES calls these new offerings Konfem Postpaid Plans and also includes daily boost and weekly turbo add ons which provides unlimited data at no speed cap from as low as RM 5 per day for the 49 and 79 subscribers.

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