Xilnex BIG Debuts at the Malaysia International Retail and Franchise Exhibition


Web Bytes Sdn Bhd (Web Bytes), a software development company announced today it is introducing Xilnex BIG, a self-service mobile kiosk solution at the Malaysia International Retail and Franchise Exhibition (MIRF) 2019.

The self-service mobile kiosks expand Web Bytes’ portfolio of cloud-based point-of-sale systems with an integrated retail solution designed to meet the unique needs of food and beverage (F&B) chain operators, particularly those in the fast food or quick service restaurant category.

A strategic collaboration is formed with Applizone Solutions Sdn Bhd, to provide hardware support and maintenance as well as custom-built kiosks that can deliver complete, end-to-end solutions that F&B retailers need.

Ooi Boon Sheng, CEO of Web Bytes Sdn Bhd said

“This is another significant milestone for us as we move towards offering solutions on new retail. More than a decade ago, Web Bytes was one of the first Malaysian software companies to offer cloud-based retail management systems. Our cloud-based point-of-sale systems are now available in six other countries in ASEAN. With Xilnex BIG, we hope to help further improve our clients’ business operations and impact their customers’ purchasing habits”.

He explained that while Xilnex BIG is being showcased for the first time at the MIRF, the solution is already deployed on a trial basis in several big food and beverage chains including Marrybrown Sdn Bhd, Hot & Roll Holdings Sdn Bhd and Loob Holding Sdn Bhd.

Operating on large high-definition touch screens, the self-service kiosks allow food establishments to serve more people in less time, and redirect labour to focus on other high-value tasks. The F&B operators can also customise their menus and automatically update their kiosks with the latest promotions, giving them the opportunity to upsell and reduce long lines and wait time.

“Research shows that a simple ordering process can help to significantly improve customers’ perception of service quality. On average, data from the kiosks on the trial sites show that self-service ordering can help boost customers’ spending as much as 25 percent. I am confident the value derived from the self-service kiosks will see many of our F&B clients adopt this strategy into their businesses to boost revenue and provide better customer experience”, said Ooi.

Man, self service kiosks are going to be the future, aren’t they?

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