Xiaomi Teases Latest Mi Max 3

Xiaomi has a way in teasing its users with its latest device launches, while in the past rumours and leaks were sought news nowadays these are sometime suspiciously thought to be staged. The Chinese phone maker who just became one of the largest listed smartphone manufacturer in the world, posted on it’s website their co-founder’s release of photos of the latest Mi Max 3 before an official release date. A new method of making announcement, we don’t judge, nevertheless, this did not douse the excitement for many looking forward the big screen mobile phone.

The Mi Max 3 is expected to be released on 19th July and will come in a very gigantic 6.9 inch of real estate and way much larger than the previous model which stood at 6.44 inch. Known for users who liked the long battery life, the new version will make these users much happier with the 5500mAh capacity, thanks to the added housing space. The founder claimed despite the appearance of its large size, the model does not feel extremely big and will last a whole day of use.

From the image, we can see the device has a dual camera for the rear and the  blog also states that the Mi Max 3 will run the Android 8.1 system and MIUI 9.6 interface, with 4GB RAM / 64GB ROM storage space (also with 6GB RAM version), and USB Type-C transmission.

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