Charging Faster Than Ever! Xiaomi Introduces 80W Mi Wireless Charging Technology

Xiaomi has been very busy this year that it’s very impressive. Just earlier this month, the company just launch the new Mi 10T Series as well as a few new smart home devices.

Yesterday, Xiaomi is excited to introduce its latest achievement in the field of next generation fast charging – the pioneering 80W Mi Wireless Charging Technology.

A major leap forward from Xiaomi’s 30W Wireless Charging Technology introduced last year, the new iteration of the cutting edge technology is an order of magnitude ahead of similar solutions offered by other smartphone brands.

80W Mi Wireless Charging Technology is capable of filling a 4,000 mAh battery to 10% in 1 minute, 50% in 8 minutes and 100% in just 19 minutes.

19 minutes?! That’s faster than the OPPO Reno4 Pro’s fast charging and trust me, I was really impressed by that one when I reviewed the phone.

For comparison to its predecessor, the 30W Mi Wireless Charging Technology from 2019 was capable of charging a similar battery to 50% in about 25 minutes, and 100% in 69 minutes.

The introduction of 80W Mi Wireless Charging Technology is expected to set a new benchmark not only in the area of wireless charging but in charging as a whole.

Xiaomi has been spearheading this trend by recognising the importance of battery life and faster charging for the future development of smartphones.

In March 2020, Xiaomi introduced to the world 40W wireless charging, in August that record was broken by Xiaomi’s first mass-produced 50W wireless charging technology, only to be broken again with 80W Mi Wireless Charging Technology. In less than a year, 3 technological breakthroughs and three new records.

Xiaomi recently introduced Mi 10 Ultra, the world’s first smartphone equipped with 120W wired charging and 50W wireless, to global acclaim.

Watch or download the video on 80W Mi Wireless Charging Technology here.

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