World’s First Curved 4K OLED TV from LG Now in Malaysia

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Great news! Now you can experience 4K entertainment with LG Curved 4K OLED TV available for the first time in Malaysia.

The centerpiece of the launch was the TV’s capability to produce perfect black and life-like colours in Ultra HD for a truly unparalled viewing experience.

According to David Oh, Managing Director of LG Electronics Malaysia, “Our Curved 4K OLED TV is set to raise the bar on the standards for picture quality and is guaranteed to deliver incredible viewing experiences unlike any other available today.”

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The TV has a 65” display with cutting edge technology utilising panels of organic light-emitting diodes. With the company’s proprietary WRGB technology, a white sub pixel was added to the pixel stucture of the TV to expand the colour range and life-like colours.

LG also uses self-lighting OLED pixels that turns on and off on its own order to give deeper blacks. What this means is the TV produces images as if you are watching in a dark theatre or witnessing the brightest of stars in a black sky setting.


The Curved 4K OLED TV also has very fast response rate of 0.001ms so that you can watch fast sports and movie scenes without images flickering or blurring. Plus, it features LG’s smart TV platform, the webOS, which has been improved with reduced boot time and easier navigation of the menus on the Launcher Bar.

Aesthetic-wise, the TV is the slimmest TV possible and it is supported by a flowing, leaf-shaped stand to give it a stylish touch. The device also can be wall mounted.


To commemorate the launch of LG Curved 4K OLED TV, the company has organised a photo showcase with the internationally renowned photographer, Zung.

Zung says, “I am beyond thrilled to see these images fleshed out with such clarity especially through the element of perfect black coming alive on LG Curved 4K OLED TV.”

The 65EC970T model of the Curved 4K OLED TV is available in major departmental stores nationwide starting this month at RM29,999.

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