Windows 10 Mobile Is Dead

The writings has been on the wall for quite sometime now for the demise of Windows 10 Mobile, it was obvious under Satya Nadella Microsoft has been more focused elsewhere. With its new hardware taking all the limelight, Redmond has been more exuberant with the potential of Surface instead of the dwindling Windows mobile device segment. So, its no surprise we hear such hard decision are being made.

Microsoft’s VP Joe Belfiore confirmed the news commenting on his Twitter feed ” Windows 10 hardware is longer the focus” , the struggle has been getting developers to build apps for the ecosystem. Microsoft even went to the extent of paying developers to build apps and set up internal teams to. Windows Mobile was one of the easiest operating software to use when it first came out, the interface was uncomplicated and less complex than Android or Apple’s, but slow respond to trends and lack of attention to hardware made the Windows Mobile proposition less compelling to consumers.

Support will continue for existing users with patches and upgrades but don’t expect this to last long, Microsoft has already launched Edge and Launcher on Android and iOS, looking to tap into the billions of users on these two mobile platforms.

With this, the era of multiple mobile OS comes to an end and gives the market of 7 billion solely to Apple and Google.

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