When Nvidia and Cooler Master Collides – An Nvidia Special Edition MasterCase Pro 5

MasterCase Pro 5 GeForce GTX Edition_05

To all Nvidia graphic card fans, now marks the day when two of the biggest players in the computer industry collides to make one of the greatest computer accessories of all time, which is the special edition of the freeform modular casing system MasterCase Pro 5. This special edition Nvidia MasterCase Pro 5 features Nvidia and Geforce GTX logo, design and colour theme on the casing which beautifies the casing even more and shows to the world of how much of a hardcore gamer or computer enthusiast you are if you have this casing.

The Special Edition Nvidia Geforce GTX MasterCase Pro 5 from Cooler Master will be sold at a standard retail price of RM699. Get it now!

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