Whatsapp’s New Features Can Help Prevent You From Sending To The Wrong Chats

Have you ever had one of those times where you accidentally sent a message on Whatsapp to the wrong person or group chat? Like a rant or a complaint or even a very….inappropriate photo that’s meant for your significant other.

What’s worse is when you didn’t even realise you sent it to the wrong person or group until it’s too late. Like really too late that you might as well disappear from the face of the earth. If only we could, right? Well we all have those careless moments but fret not my friends, there may be a solution for that.

One main reason why we’d get the people or groupchats confused is the fact we use the same background on Whatsapp for everything. Well it’s not like we have a choice anyway. That’s the only option we get but we can see now that this is a problem.

Worry not friends as Whatsapp is coming up with something that might save your…behind. To make it easier for us and definitely less confusing, Whatsapp now lets you set different backgrounds for each chat. That’s right, you can set which image belongs to each person so you can immediately know which one is one.

This means that next time you go to post something in the workplace chat, the unique background will instantly give you the feeling of whether you’re in the right chat.

WhatsApp has also expanded its pool of available backgrounds, meaning you have plenty to choose from in terms of landscapes, photos and designs. There is also a dark mode for wallpapers, which means that when your phone automatically turns on the dark mode in the evening, the motif of the wallpaper will even change from light to dark.

So there you have it folks. Hopefully, we got get the chats confused and send something we might regret later. If you ever accidentally send something to the wrong person or groupchat then the option to delete the message immediately after is still there, that is if you noticed it on time before the delete option is gone.


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