[UPDATED] What is coming from Cupertino tonight?

By the PC.com Editorial Team

[UPDATE] We’ve just finished watching the events at Apple HQ, updated below. iPhone 4S black and white versions 16GB: $199, 32GB for $299, 64GB for $399. Malaysian availability expected end 2011. Full update to come soon!

Are you holding your breath for the iPhone 5 October 4th event? Waiting to see if there are any cool, new features from the iPhone 4, but scrimping up all your moolah to get the iPhone 5 anyway, if there isn’t? Fanatic!

On the Internet, rumors are abound on what the next big ticket item from Apple will be like. PC.com lists ten below:

1. Fancy a tapered design rather than a squarish one that we are all used? The first three iPhones weren’t as squarish as iPhone 4, so maybe Apple is opting to shake things up and intro a tapered design?
[UPDATE] The iPhone 4S looks… exactly like the iPhone 4

2. The same dual-core A5 processor that powers the iPad could be powering the iPhone 5 too! Hands up, those who’d like to feel some twin processing power and more graphics-intensive gaming at the same time!
[UPDATE] Yup, the iPhone 4S uses the A5!

3. An 8-megapixel rear facing camera and 5-megapixel front cam. (Do we really need that many megapixels? Pores and acne much?)
[UPDATE]  Yup the iPhone 4S will feature an 8MP camera with better backlight compensation and faster image capturing

4. NFC-capability. All your credit card info tied to your iTunes account, would work with near-field communications technology on the iPhone. Just tap your phone to a NFC terminal to obtain the object of your desire.
[UPDATE] Nope, didn’t get NFC

5. A larger screen… over 4-inches! FTW!
[UPDATE] Nope, same size as iPhone 4

6. The iPhone 4 features an already thin body with a thickness of 9.3mm. Rumours are abuzz that the upcoming iPhone 5 will be 30-percent thinner than that. Will this be a blessing or a curse, and how will the public take to such a thin phone?
[UPDATE] Nope. iPhone 5 wasn’t announced, and the iPhone 4S looks exactly the same as the iPhone 4.

7. Rather than having different phones for different markets, there have been talks that Apple will support both GSM AND CDMA networks on their new phones – a ‘world phone’ because you would be able to use it all around the world. This is definitely a great plus to those who travel a lot to countries that use GSM instead of CDMA, and vice versa.
[UPDATE] Yup, it will have both GSM and CDMA

8. The big software update, iOS5 will be unveiled as well! Some of the features that supposedly will be shown include Wireless Mirroring, and extended voice command integration.
[UPDATE] Yup, iOS5 was announced with AirPlay mirroring and Siri, the intelligent voice assistant

9. The storage space for the new iPhone might go up to 64GB, double that of the highest capacity the iPhone 4 is capable of. Great news for those who like to store movies in their phones.
[UPDATE] Yup, the iPhone 4S now comes with a 64GB flavour

10. Steve Jobs popping up on stage telling Tim Cook he’s taking his old job back.
[UPDATE] Sadly no, he was nowhere to be seen on stage

Other things to look forward to

Better yet, there will be more than just one iPhone to look forward to… one of them is also likely to be sub-USD100 phone. We don’t know how true all this might be, but here is what’s suspected.

iPhone 4 (new) features:

  • Basically the same as the current iPhone 4, but with only 8GB memory.
  • Will be replacing the 3GS in the product line

iPhone 4 (S) features:

  • Same size as the current iPhone 4
  • A new antenna
  • World Phone (CDMA + GSM)
  • High speed internet (HSPA+)
  • Larger RAM (1GB)
  • The new A5 processor
  • Same GPU as the iPad 2
  • Assistant Voice Recognition (whatever this will be)


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