Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Contest – EPIC Version

Early this month we launched the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Contest (which is still running till 09/10/11 by the way), and though we got some pretty good entries from you guys, many also expressed their difficulties in getting the magazines from newsstands (probably because they were sold out so fast?). We said we’d listen to your feedback, and we did – we’re giving away ANOTHER Galaxy Tab 10.1 just so you can participate as well! Here’s how to join:

Step One

This goes without saying, “Like” our Facebook Page!
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Step Two

Go to the contest photo album on Facebook and caption any of the photos. They can be funny, they can be epic, they can be logical, they can be creative.
IMPORTANT: Your captions must contain the word “Galaxy Tab 10.1”

Step Three

Tag 5 friends in your comments.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Are multiple entries allowed?
    Yes, you can caption multiple times on any picture, and you can caption many/all photos as well, on condition you tag different people in each post.
  2. What kind of captions are allowed?
    We generally accept all kinds of posts as long as they are not politically related, racist, brand-smearing or malicious. Some posts can be tolerated (e.g. Samsung’s Tab is rockin’ awesome compared to the iPad), but please respect other brands too (e.g. BrandXXX’s products are a piece of s*** – this will get you a ban).
  3. Is there any word limit?
    Like the other Tab contest, no we won’t enforce word count. HOWEVER, we expect to be scrolling through hundreds (or hopefully, thousands) of captions so if you want to stand out we strongly suggest not to write a grandfather story but be creative and concise instead. But then again, if your 30-word story is ultra epic…
    P.s. – We read everything: every sentence, every word, every punctuation so rest assured that YES we do not miss out any entries 🙂

Contest ends at 2pm Monday, 17th October 2011 according to Facebook’s timestamp. All captions posted after that will be automatically disqualified.

Terms and Conditions

  1. This contest is open to all Malaysian residents from 4th to 17th October 2011 (2 weeks)
  2. Winners will be judged based on the overall creativity of their entry. Perfect grammar is not needed; points are given based on idea and creativity
  3. MULTIPLE ENTRIES PERMITTED – but tagged friends must be different in order to be considered
  4. Best entry across all pictures wins one Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android tablet
  5. Judges decision is final
  6. Prizes are not exchangeable for cash
  7. Winners are required to collect the prize from Reach Publishing according to guidelines which will be provided separately to the winner
  8. This contest is in no way affiliated, promoted or endorsed by Facebook
  9. Reach Publishing reserves the right to amend the above without prior notice, in the interest and fairness of the contest

Disclaimer: The pictures used are copyright of respective artists/owners. We don’t know where exactly they originated from but if you are the owner of these pictures and would like to be credited, please contact us and we will credit you accordingly.


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