What Do You Mean It’s Fake? The New PS5 Filter On Instagram Got Everyone Fooled!

Don’t believe everything you read, hear or see on the internet, especially on social media. Always fact check. A new filter on instagram has been getting a lot of attention recently because everyone thought it was real.

I gotta be honest, the filter does look very realistic. Got me fooled too. Which filter am I talking about? The PS5 filter. Sony’s highly anticipated new gaming console, the Playstation 5 is being launched later this month (Malaysian date is still not confirmed by the way) so to get everyone hyped, user @aroneverything created a filter to make it look like people have already got their hands on the new console.

It’s working. It got everyone talking and trying it out. People are using the filter to trick their friends and family that they already bought the PS5. There were a lot of laughs but there’s also a lot of backfires as well as one user on Instagram used the filter with the caption that she got it for her husband.

Unfortunately, her mother-in-law saw the post and commented that she’s an example of how wives should make their husbands happy so now she’s contemplating whether to tell the truth or actually get the PS5 for real once its out. Oh dear, be careful where you share your posts people. You might have to make it happen.

I personally got fooled by my cousin when she posted that she and her husband got the PS5. Got me confused too, like how did they get it? Was there a Sony event that I wasn’t aware of? Anyways, the PS5 posts maybe fake but it certainly got everyone talking and hyped up for the released. Imagine after the launch and someone posted they actually got the PS5 but nobody believes them. That would be funny.

Have you guys tried the PS5 filter? What were the reactions you got? Share us your stories of how you fooled your friends and family.


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