Western Digital Launches the Ultrastar Hs14, A 14TB SMR HDD

Western Digital announces that they’re launching the Ultrastar Hs14, an enterprise-class SMR HDD. They say that it’s the first host-managed shingled magnetic recording (SMR) hard disk drive (HDD) at exabyte scale in its custom-built storage infrastructure, Magic Pocket.


“Dropbox’s Magic Pocket is an innovative deployment, and this is another proof point that our host-managed SMR HDDs deliver value in scale-out cloud environments,” says Mark Grace, senior vice president of Devices, Western Digital. “Our customers recognize the benefits of SMR HDDs and are adopting to contend with the growth in data. When considering exabyte-scale needs, and associated capital and operating cost of the data center, the long-term value they receive in terms of lower cost-per-TB, higher density, low power and high reliability can help benefit the bottom line.”

Western Digital claim that the Ultrastar Hs14 is the in the industry’s first 14TB HDD. The HDD also manages to deliver some of the lowest TCO for scale-out enterprise and cloud data centers. Furthermore, Western Digital have also build the HDDs on the Western Digital HelioSeal platform; this allows the drive to have one of the lowest watt per TB power footprint for online storage. The Ultrastar Hs14 host-managed SMR HDD is ideal for ultra-dense scale-out storage systems too as it’s build for enterprise-level workloads. You can use it with assurance for private and public cloud enterprise applications.

For more information on the Ultrastar Hs14 as well as other Western Digital products, you can click here.

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