Webe Is Now Unifi Mobile And Grows Subs Base


Formerly P1 then Webe and now Unifi Mobile officially, the wireless mobile service under the portfolio of Telekom Malaysia has gone through another round of changes and is now streamlined with the main broadband brand, Unifi.

“We recently implemented our master brand strategy, resulting in the integration of multiple brands namely TM WiFi, Streamyx and webe mobile under the umbrella of our“unifi” brand. We have the roadmap towards full consolidation and convergence, namely the transitioning of our digital mobility services brand, “webe” to “unifi mobile”; Streamyx to Broadband; and our TM WiFi service to “[email protected]”. With this consolidation, unifi is now the single largest telecommunications brand in Malaysia,” 

Having since taken over the group, Dato Sri Mohammed Shazalli Ramly has unified all the different assets under the company be branded as Unifi including broadband and wifi hotspots service will be known as Unifi hotspots. Announcing the third quarter results for TM, Shazalli reported an increase of subscriber base for Unifi Mobile achieving 8% of TM home base ahead of its target set by the group.

TM has plans to offer converged packages for customers who want to always be connected be it at home or on the go, and with Unifi Mobile, broadband and hotspots customers can have one plan and have all the connectivity under a single roof. The uptake for such a proposition is being tested with existing customers which will then be extended out to the rest, also in the pipeline is the much awaited and delayed, prepaid service from Unifi Mobile.

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