Use The Chrome Force To Block Star Wars Spoilers

force blcker

We are just two days away to the long awaited premier of Star Wars: The Force Awaken, so much is riding on this movie with critics already predicting it to out-gross the highest first day haul for any films before. Like millions waiting in anticipation and replaying the trailers every now and then hoping to catch details that could have been missed out during the first 20 times, no one wants spoilers before watching the movie. But with tickets being booked in advance and with many that will beat you for the first screening how you are you going to dodge this one? Shut down all your devices, stop using the internet, close all social network apps? The guys at Pricelessmisc, being big fans have actually thought of this and have come up with an app that can solve your predicament

Force Block, a Google Chrome extension that uses smart pattern detection to analyse the web pages you visit, then running the content through a database of Star Wars terms. If it detects too many related terms, or certain extremely potent terms, it will flag the page and give you a proper warning:

If you aren’t worried about the spoilers you can proceed anyway, or if it’s a page you trust, you can whitelist it from being blocked in the future.

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