Ultimate Ears Boom


Ultimate Ears Boom. Just saying the name makes me giggle as it sounds like the most macho speaker ever made, kind of like naming a guy Dirk HardPec. With a name like that, I expect some serious noise coming out of this Bluetooth speaker. If that isn’t the case, it would feel like whoever made this has serious doubts about its performance and decided to overcompensate with the name instead. So, does the Boom lives up to its name?

Get Loud

In terms of looks, the Boom is loud. The one we have is coloured bright red and blue, making it very eye catching. The overall build of the Boom is sturdy and chunky with considerable weight to it, making it feel solid overall. The speaker also has a “plasma coating”, making it water and stain-resistant. The hilariously large Plus and Minus button located on the Boom allows you to toggle the volume while pressing them both down simultaneously will result in a voice telling you the current battery level of the speakers.

Make Some Noise!

As fitting of a speaker named Boom, the UE Boom is very impressive when it comes to the sound department. The sound it outputs is surprisingly detailed for a Bluetooth speaker and is energetic as well. Even at high volumes, the sound doesn’t get distorted all that much. Running through my entire playlist, I can say that the Boom plays nice with all genres of music, though it could benefit from some refinement.

Your Personal Soundstage

The app that comes with the Boom needs some mention as well. The Boom app allows you to tweak all kinds of settings such as the equaliser and the battery level. It also allows you to set up your Boom to function as an alarm. If you have one or more Booms available, you can make them work in tandem in “Double Play” mode or in stereo mode.

Blast Master

Simply put, the Boom is a Bluetooth speaker that performs well in almost every regard. While it lacks the subtlety of other speakers, it makes up for it by being incredibly powerful. If you’re looking for a portable speaker that packs a great punch and you have the cash to spare, the Boom will entertain you for a long, long time.


Price: RM 799

Weight: 538g

Maximum Sound Level: 88dBA

Drivers: 2x 1.5” 4 Ohm Drivers, 2x 2” Passive Radiators

Frequency Response: 90Hz – 20KHz

Connectivity: Bluetooth


Value: 8

Performance: 9

Design: 8

Features: 8

Usability: 9

Total: 8.4

Verdict: A powerful portable speaker with a higher than average price tag.

Byline: Sia Zhen Ning

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