U Mobile: Unleashing Unlimited Potential


Known for its innovative milestones, U Mobile has received many accolades including several awardsTheir win for Best Prepaid this year makes it their second win consecutively after bagging the award in 2019 as well. So what exactly makes the telco tick and what has this telco been up to lately? The telco has received Rising Star award in 2012, to Best Data Service Provider in 2014 and Best New Performer in telco category in 2016 and Most Innovative Telco in 2019.


The telco has been known to be an industry pioneer for various products and services as it takes great effort to understand customer preferences and needs and believes in disrupting the industry as long as what is introduced enables customers to unleash their unlimited potential.

From being the first in the market to offer free 1GB of data per month for a prepaid plan to offering microcredit to customers for the purchase of smartphones, to enabling postpaid customers to use their existing data to roam in other countries for free, the telco has shown that it is not afraid of putting customers first.


Today the idea of unlimited data seems to be the norm rather than the exception, but the telco is quick to point out that they were actually the first to offer an affordable Unlimited plan as their customers could have complete data freedom from as low as RM30 with their GX30 prepaid plan.

Since then the telco has introduced a variety of affordable unlimited data options for various speed needs, especially taking into account that more are using mobile data for work and learning due to the pandemic.


U Mobile has been aggressively expanding and enhancing their 4G network over the past few years and to date the telco has at least 7200 4G sites. In fact, the telco has always maintained that their focus is on current and future needs of their customers and their network is equipped to do so because it has no legacy issues.

Furthermore, U Mobile’s network strategy has certainly  paid off as Opensignal awarded U Mobile as one of the Global Rising Stars in their Global Mobile Network ExperienceAwards 2020. On top of that, despite the massive increase in mobile data consumption as many are working and learning via their own mobile connection, Opensignal also recognised U Mobile as the telco that showed the most significant improvement in download speeds post- MCO in May 2020, and by September 2020, the telco had doubled their average speeds.



Like  the  other  telcos,  U  Mobile  is providing free 1GB of data for Malaysians’ work and productivity needs. Come 2021, the telco is fully supportive of the Program Jaringan PRIHATIN (PRIHATIN Network Programme) announced as part of Budget 2021 to support all Malaysians, especially the B40 as the country battles this pandemic.

Apart from the free data, U Mobile has also donated RM2 million  via  the GLC Disaster Response Network (GDRN) and also worked with various hospitals to provide connectivity and mobile phones to frontliners.

Additionally, the  telco is also contributing 400 SIMs provisioned with unlimited data to the underserved students in Sabah and Penang to provide better connectivity for enhanced online learning.


The telco is currently working closely with MCMC on JENDELA to achieve national aspirations of improving nationwide coverage and providing consistent quality of experience to all Malaysians.

As a telco who is keen to meet the future needs of customers, U Mobile has also conducted various 5G use cases across healthcare, manufacturing and tourism industries to gain insights on the role of the technology and how to best roll it out when it becomes available. U Mobile was also the first to launch a 5G consumer live trial for their customers with 5G-enabled SIMs.

With an ever improving network, it seems like U Mobile is not allowing market forces or even a pandemic to stop them from putting customers first so that they can realise their unlimited potential.


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