Training Conducted By Meta Malaysia For Users To Learn How To Use Reels

Meta Malaysia recently wrapped up a SMB Creative Training where a group of SMBs joined certified Instagram trainer to learn how to use Reels for business and engage with their customers. The training was specially organised in conjunction with its on-ground event themed #ReelsRiaRaya that is going on in Publika until May 1. 

The hour-long training was well attended by SMB who are constantly on the lookout for ways to build their brand presence. 

“Reels has provided us with the opportunity to express our creativity as well as engage with our audience in a fun and easy way. It has definitely been a journey but we are starting to get more attention both locally and internationally. The workshop was great as it has provided me with new ideas on how I could use Reels to further grow my business moving forward,” says Azam Othman, 

“My first Reels was created back in August 2021 and I was quite surprised as I was getting attention from audiences around the world – not just Malaysia. Although our following has not grown since, Reels has been a good way to help me showcase the personality of my brand and the people behind the brand. It also allows me to show my products in action and it can all be done within a simple minute,” says Syana Hanapi, @Ole.Riuhmah 

Here are some key takeaways to help SMBs and entrepreneur build a meaningful connection with their audience: 

Make it unique: Put your brand’s creative signature on the reels to make it feel authentic to your brand. Create a consistent format & theme that people can recognize as yours. ● Make it Relatable: Make sure your audiences can connect with the content. Make people laugh and see themselves in your content by focusing on topics that are relatable. Think about funny moments that everyone can relate to. 

Make it Easy to Recreate: Make it easy for your audience to participate and remix your content. The lower the barrier to entry the easier it is for your community to engage. Think about virality. What is easy for others to recreate and put their own spin on? What is something that the average person could try? The more accessible your Reels are, the more likely they are to turn into trends. 

Make it Simple: Keep the content simple and straightforward. If you’re hoping to start a challenge or a trend, make sure whatever you ask the audience to do is simple and

achievable. Reels don’t need to be high production. Less is more. Keep it simple by recording with your phone and using the effects available in your Reels camera. 

Reels was launched in Malaysia a year ago in March 2021, and Malaysia is one of the countries where Reels is most popular today. Short video content fosters more engagement, connection and trust and Reels format has become a powerful feature, grabbing the attention of the audience, and has inevitably become a powerful marketing tool for businesses. 

#ReelsRiaRaya is now open to the public until May 1, 2022, from 3:00pm until night. Anyone can create fun Reels at the thematically designed booth, a giant lantern replica located at The Square (outdoor stage area), Publika Shopping Gallery, Kuala Lumpur. 


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