TM Gives Customers Unifi Speed Upgrades With RM10

Unifi Lite and Advance plan sign ups can now get their speed bumped up a notch to 30 and 50 Mbps from 10 and 30 by just topping another RM10.

So here’s how this goes, for customers who were subscribing to the Unifi Lite at RM129 for 10Mbps can now get 30Mbps for RM139 instead of RM179 which many had paid when they first signed up for the package. And for those who were on the Advance Plan paying RM179 for 30Mbps can now get 50Mbps by adding RM1o to their plans.

Basically these are new customers, where existing users have already had their speeds upgraded early this year. TM will also be bundling the Hypp TV set top box and mobile app service plus wireless router and a Dect phone. For heavy consumers of bandwidth can opt for the 100Mbps at RM329 and get an additional Hypp Jumbo pack.

Effective today, the operator has made it easier for customers to sign up via online or app and have the Unifi Perfect Squad team come over and fix the lines or initiate the upgrades accordingly.

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