TI7 Main Event – Day 1 Recap

The first day of the Main Event of TI7 was off to a blistering start with the first game of the day already setting the bar, thanks to Team Liquid and Invictus Gaming (iG), which went to all three games. Game one was a dominant performance for iG with it’s heavy gank/nuke damage line-up of Night Stalker, Lycan, Batrider, Ancient Apparition and Alchemist. However, Liquid were able to pull a game back to make it 1-1 and sent it to a third game, which was consequently clinched by iG.

(Source: Dota Digest)

This was followed up by Evil Geniuses (EG) and Newbee, both of which were former TI champions. Although the first game showcased Newbee’s prowess, EG came back with a real fight in game two with a solid performance by Universe on Enigma. Alas, it was not enough to put the game to rest as EG tapped out before the one-hour mark. This puts both iG and Newbee into the second round of the Upper Bracket where they will battle it out tomorrow.

(Source: Dota Digest)

The rest of the day saw the first four Lower Bracket  matches being played out between Team Secret vs Execration; Cloud 9 (C9) vs Team Empire; OG vs Infamous; and iG Vitality (iG.V) vs Digital Chaos (DC). All four matches were a a mostly one-sided event with Team Secret, Team Empire, OG and DC making it through to the next round.

(Source: Dota Digest)

With Liquid’s lost earlier in the day, they drop down to the second round of the LB, which means they will face up against Team Secret. This is a match that would be hotly-contested as both teams will definitely have something to prove, especially with Team Liquid having three players in the top 10 Dota 2 MMR leaderboard (Matumbaman, Gh and Miracle-) and Secret having MidOne, the world’s first 10k MMR player (who has since dropped down to 9.8k and overtaken by EG’s Arteezy as the highest MMR player). Team leaders Puppey and KuroKy from Team Secret and Team Liquid respectively also have shared history after the bad fallout of Team Secret’s run in TI5 when both members were from the same team, having left Na’Vi earlier.

EG will face Team Empire, which looks to be an exciting match as Team Empire has nothing much left to lose after losing their main carry player, Chappie and replacing him with Resolut1on in the last minute. EG will be looking to bounce back after their setback with Newbee and hopefully this will be the start of their treacherous journey through the Lower Bracket.

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