This TV Is Unreal! Could This Pave The Way For What The Future Televisions Look like?

Walk into any Senheng or Harvey Norman store and the first thing you’ll see is a plethora of televisions all vying to be purchased. Of course, it’s the big ones with a curved AMOLED screen that will first catch your eye, but other than that, TV’s pretty much all look the same.

As far as display technology has come, we’ve yet to truly eliminate the bezel, until now. Samsung’s much anticipated zero bezel TV, rumoured to be dubbed the Q900T or Q950T, has been talked about for a while now and if German site 4KFilme is to be believed, we finally have a first look at how it will be.

The TV looks gorgeous, though its worth noting that it’s not 100% completely bezel-less as there’s still a visible chin at the bottom of the screen, but who cares? I mean, look at that thing. Forget about question marks over practicality and utility, this is the infinity pool of TVs. This TV makes a statement, and that statement reads “I am absolutely filthy f****** rich”, because odds are it’s going to cost an arm and a leg when it first releases.

With everyone only expecting to catch a glimpse of Samsungs 8K Bezel free TV at CES, this is a pleasant surprise (if the pictures turn out to actually be of the TV that is). Whether real or not, the picture does give us an idea of what TVs of the future could look like. Picture this, it’s 2030 and as you walk by a Harvey Norman, all you see is row after row of TVs that look like this. But it doesn’t matter because as much as the tech has changed, you’re still broke af. It sure is nice to look at though.

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