This 500 Ringgit Toothbrush Will Clean Your Teeth In Just 10 Seconds; Too Bad It Won’t Clean Your Tongue

As far we’ve come in tech in the last decade or so, the act of brushing our teeth has remained relatively unchanged. I mean, toothbrushes are pretty straightforward and while we’ve had electric toothbrushes for some time now, that’s pretty much it when it comes to brushing our teeth. Step in French company FasTeesH.

The company, which first crowdfunded it’s take on the toothbrush of the future back in 2018, has certainly taken its time tweaking the design of it’s Y-Brush electric toothbrush and it looks like it’s finally being given the green light to make its debut.

The Y-Brush, which actually looks like more like retainers than an actual toothbrush, is made up of a flexible gum shield line with nylon bristles on one side and is connected to a square power base. How it works is you’ve got to apply toothpaste to the side with the bristles, put the retainer in your mouth and bite down for 5 seconds while it cleans your teeth. Repeat the process with the other half of teeth and voila! Sparkly clean pearly whites in just 10 seconds. The Y-Brush even offers 3 different vibration modes and it comes complete with a charging stand.

What about how long the damn thing will last? Well, dentists recommend that you change an ordinary toothbrush every 3 months. The Y-Brush doubles that with FasTeesH recommending changing the brush head every six months. The company is currently selling them for US$30 apiece.

The actual Y-Brush itself? It’s selling for US$$125, includes a handle, brush, USB charger, toothpaste applicator, and storage container for two brushes and they ship worldwide, so if you’re down to drop about RM500 on a toothbrush, then click HERE.

It’s worth noting however that you’ll be spending all that money on a toothbrush that you won’t be able to brush your tongue with, so it kinda seems like a design flaw to me. I’m not a big fan of buying a separate tool just to clean my tongue but hey that’s just me.

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