The Next Free Game On The Epic Games Store Could Be An Even Better Deal Than GTA V

The Epic Games Store has been having a offer run after releasing the critically acclaimed GTA V for FREE on their platform. But we know how that one turned out as people started facing issues, and couldn’t even download the game.

Many are now wondering which of the rest of the free games will be on offer for the Epic Mega Sale that’s running from now till June 11. New image leaks from Reddit however, tell the tale of Borderlands: The Handsome Jack Collection making its entry into the lineup of free games Epic has to offer.

The rumours about these free games have been so far pretty accurate, so we can say this one’s true with a bit more confidence. If it does end up being true, it’s going to be a good time for many PC gamers.

The value you get with Borderlands: The Handsome Jack Collections is just too good to be true. It comes with Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Prequel and all the previously released DLCs. I mean come on, that’s a whole buttload of gameplay right there.

For now, there aren’t any official reports confirming the rumours so don’t get your hopes too high yet. But here’s hoping this one pans out because I’ve been waiting for a reason to get back on the Borderlands grind. What better way than doing it for free?

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