Thales To Enhance Poland’s FA-50 Fighters With Scorpion® Helmet Mounted Display

Thales, a global leader in defense technology, has been awarded a contract by Korea’s Aerospace Industries (KAI) to equip Poland’s FA-50 fighters with the advanced Scorpion® Helmet Mounted Display (HMD). This strategic move further solidifies Thales’s foothold in the international defense market.

The agreement entails Thales to customize, integrate, and certify the Scorpion® HMD on KAI’s FA-50 Fighting Eagle, alongside the installation of production systems, supporting the Republic of Korea’s FA-50 deal with Poland.

With the FA-50’s state-of-the-art digital cockpit, advanced flight control system, and precision-guided weapons, it stands as a robust contender for all-weather combat missions. The integration of the Scorpion® HMD complements these features by providing pilots with heightened situational awareness, optimizing their operational effectiveness.

Thales remains optimistic about the trajectory of this partnership, viewing the FA-50’s global availability as a stepping stone for broader market penetration. Moreover, the Scorpion® HMD demonstrates its adaptability, promising potential seamless integration with other cutting-edge aircraft models such as the T-50 Advanced Jet Trainer and TA-50 Lead-in Fighter Trainer, underlining the growing significance of HMDs in modern combat aviation.

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