Temperature Check Only At Mall Entrance, Outlets Not Required


This is probably a welcome news by those who frequent malls or work nearby, the matter of getting temperature checked at every entry point was getting a bit annoying. Every time you walk into the mall you are screened, head into the outlets you are screened at any one time you had your data recorded a minimum of 5 times in an hour.

Glad the rules have been tweaked giving less work for the shop assistants and more responsibility to the mall operators. As guardians of the venue, its their job to vet through those entering an ensure proper processes are in place to check all those coming do not show symptoms.

There was redundancy on the outlets part, if the screening is already done at the entrance the data will be irrelevant and a duplication. Shoppers can now be more relaxed and focus on why they are at the malls for, shopping.


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