Taco Bell To Open At Tropicana Gardens Malls!

With the end of year fast approaching, the time for happy reunions and joyous celebrations is upon us. Those looking for a new way to spice up their get-togethers need to look no further than Taco Bell’s highly anticipated restaurant at Tropicana Gardens Mall in Kota Damansara, opening its doors on 28 November. The new outlet will bring Taco Bell’s craveable Mexican-inspired cuisine and unique food experience closer to its fans, foodies, and residents living in Petaling Jaya and Damansara. 

Spanning over 2,000 sq ft. of retail space, the new restaurant is custom-designed to deliver the full Taco Bell experience to its customers. Diners will enjoy the youthful vibe of iconic decor features such as the rainbow-coloured ceilings, exciting lighting features, vibrant signages and much more, across the 85-seater restaurant. These features create a great Instagram-worthy ambience, embracing Taco Bell’s #LiveMás #LiveKawKaw spirit of making everyday extraordinary. 

As with all other Taco Bell restaurants, the outlet will include an open-kitchen theatre where fans can watch their meals being prepared, free high-speed WiFi access throughout the restaurant, and multiple charging stations. With all this and a superior food and service experience, creating memorable dining moments at Taco Bell is a key priority. Dine-in is only allowed for individuals who are fully vaccinated.

Taco Bell welcomes all adventurous foodies to come celebrate the season in a whole new way with its highly customisable menu. Customers can choose from a selection of four proteins on the menu: seasoned ground beef, seasoned ground chicken, grilled chicken, and black beans. Our cuisine is vegetarian-friendly and customers can switch to black beans for most items on the menu. All our food is made-to-order and the portions are generous – fans will get to experience global favourites like the craveable Crunchy Taco Supreme™, Crunchwrap Supreme™, Chicken Quesadilla™, Grilled Stuft Burrito™, Loaded Nachos™ and our very own Malaysian pride, the Bell Rice™ Bowl, paired with our Malaysian-made sambal. 

For more information about the brand, fans can visit Taco Bell Malaysia’s website www.tacobell.com.my or follow our social media channels Facebook, Instagram (@tacobellmalaysia) and Twitter (@tacobellmy).


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