Sunway University Hosts First-Ever Virtual Graduation Ceremony Honoring The Student’s Resiliency

Sunway University has hosted its first-ever virtual graduation ceremony, honoring the achievement and resiliency of 2261 students from the Class of July 2020 & February 2021, officially commemorating its graduates’ achievements in the face of all the hardships resulted from this unprecedented period.

Despite the pandemic, Sunway maintains its time-honored tradition of hosting renowned and influential speakers to address, motivate and congratulate the graduating class.

The virtual ceremony comprised of students from School of Arts, School of Engineering and Technology, School of Hospitality and Service Management, School of Interdisciplinary Studies, School of Medical and Life Sciences, School of Mathematical Sciences and Sunway University Business School.

The graduation was officiated by Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah AO, the Chancellor, along with Professor Elizabeth Lee, Chief Executive Officer of Sunway Education Group, Professor Sibrandes Poppema, President of Sunway University and Professor Graeme Wilkinson, Vice-Chancellor and Chair of the Academic Senate, Sunway University.

Professor Andy Schofield, Vice-Chancellor of Lancaster University was also present virtually to confer the University of Lancaster scrolls to the graduating students for the honours and master’s degree programmes by Sunway University, validated by Lancaster University and delivered the Occasional Address.

Jeffrey Cheah said, “We are building Sunway University into a leading global institution which you all will be proud to call your alma mater in the years to come.” He also congratulated the graduates and emphasised the institution’s ongoing efforts to foster an environment that fosters learning, ignites creative ideas, innovation and long-term sustainable solutions.

The momentous event was streamed live on 22 and 23 May 2021, garnered almost 50,000 views across YouTube and Facebook, with many graduates, family and friends around the world tuning in, sending congratulatory messages online and sharing their celebrations at home via social media with the hashtag #SunUVirtualGrad.

“My time at Sunway College and Sunway University has not only allowed me to discover my enthusiasms and passions, but lit the way forward to shape a better future for myself, my community and my country,” said Raenuga A/P Indran, the valedictorian from the Class of February 2021, also one of the four valedictorians, graduating with bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

“We hope you will stay connected and have many future engagements with us, I wish you every success in your future and rest assured that your alma mater will always be here for you,” said Professor Elizabeth Lee.

She welcomed all graduates to be part of the Sunway Alumni Community and wishes them best for their future endeavours towards the end of the virtual graduation ceremony.

Notable Ambassadors including the High Commissioner of the United Kingdom Charles Hay, The Ambassador of France H.E Roland Galharague, High Commissioner of Pakistan Amna Baloch and High Commission of the Republic of Maldives Her Excellency Visam Ali also took time from their schedule to send video messages of support, whilst some of the world’s leading corporate brands such as Standard Chartered, Huawei & PWC among many others also took the moment to recognise this gifted generation of future nation builders.

Leading dignitaries from University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Harvard University also virtually supported the graduates and their families.


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