Look No Further Biostar Radeon RX580 GPU Card Is Here!

Biostar has released new range of GPU cards under the RX500 series moniker with the main highlight being the RK580.  The new hardware features support for DX12 and Vulkan API, combined with technologies to help improve visual performance and display technologies for the ultimate gaming experience.

Also worth noting is how AMD has introduced the new Radeon Chill technology for improved response times allowing dynamic and automatic regulation of frame rates for today’s popular games.


Designed for smooth 1440p gaming, the Radeon RX580 features 2304 stream processors with a base clock of 1257Mhz and can boost up to 1340Mhz. It sports 8GB of GDDR5 memory and is wired to a 256-bit bus for 8Gbps of bandwidth. The card is rated for high OC capability for further performance and features 100% solid capacitors and is powered by a 6-phase power design. It requires a single 8-pin power connector. The card has output for DVI, HDMI and three display ports.

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