Steam Breaks Another Record With 22 Million Concurrent Users Online; Gamers Thrive In Isolation

Last weekend we saw a spike in the number of concurrent user count online on Steam, and it broke a record. It’s now just the second week in the quarantine (in Malaysia), and the record has been broken once again. The latest record is a 10% increase over last week’s, with a peak concurrent user count of 22 million people online.

The exact number is 22,678,529 users, two million more than last week’s record. It’s no surprise really, considering most of the world is staying at home, and is in isolation because of the coronavirus pandemic. The spike came at 15:00 GMT, which was around 11PM in Malaysia, morning in the United States, and night time in China which are peak gaming hours there.

However, the concurrent players in-game wasn’t a record, and clocked in at over 7 million at the time. But like I said, this isn’t surprising in the very least, and we should expect this record to be broken again soon as more cities and countries go into lockdown. In a way, it’s sort of reassuring to know that there are still millions out there, just playing games alongside you. You’re not the only one in this.

It’s fun to think about, but it’s probably better to be a game publisher right now. With nothing else to do, where else are people going to find entertainment? Netflix? Please, I’ve seen everything I have to see on there. It’s boring. Plus, all gamers really want to do is stay home and game. Now they’ve been given this opportunity to do so (alongside work/online-classes) without the social repercussions. Safe to say, they’re thriving right now.

Please excuse my sh*tpost for the day.

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