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Samsung Unveils Smart Home Innovations for World Environment Day

In celebration of World Environment Day, Samsung has introduced a range of cutting-edge smart appliances designed to merge connectivity with advanced AI technology, aiming to empower users to contribute to environmental sustainability while enhancing everyday convenience.

Efficiency Boosted: Introducing AI Energy Mode

At the heart of Samsung’s latest initiative lies the AI Energy Mode, an intelligent feature integrated into devices such as the WindFree Conditioner and Bespoke Washers. This innovative mode harnesses artificial intelligence to monitor usage patterns and optimize energy consumption. Through the SmartThings app, users gain detailed insights into their daily, weekly, and monthly power usage across all connected appliances.

For instance, the Bespoke Washers adjust their cycles based on fabric types and load sizes, ensuring maximum energy efficiency without compromising on cleaning performance. Similarly, the AI Energy Mode in the Bespoke Top Mounted Freezer refrigerator recommends energy-saving settings when electricity bills surpass preset limits, potentially reducing energy usage by up to 7%. Additionally, it intelligently regulates Air Conditioners based on real-time room conditions like temperature and humidity, further enhancing energy conservation while maintaining comfort levels.

Remote Management Made Simple

Samsung’s SmartThings app allows users seamless remote control over their appliances from any location. Whether it’s turning off lights, adjusting air-conditioning settings, or powering down kitchen appliances, users can manage their devices effortlessly, leading to enhanced energy savings and reduced costs.

Effortless Living with Smart Routines

With SmartThings Energy, users can establish automated routines that align with their daily schedules. For instance, location-based automation can automatically power down appliances like air-conditioners when all household members leave home, ensuring optimal efficiency without the need for manual intervention.

Smart Cleaning with AI-Powered Washers

Samsung’s AI-powered washers set a new standard in laundry efficiency. These smart appliances utilize AI EcoBubble and cool water wash technologies, significantly reducing energy consumption by up to 70% while maintaining superior cleaning performance. The AI Wash feature further optimizes cleaning processes by adjusting water and detergent usage based on specific load requirements, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.

Minimising Food Waste with Family Hub™

Samsung’s Family Hub™ refrigerators offer advanced features to streamline food management. Users can monitor and manage contents, set expiration dates, and receive recipe recommendations based on available ingredients via the Family Hub™ touchscreen. This integration not only enhances kitchen organization but also promotes sustainable food consumption practices.

Commitment to Sustainability

Samsung’s commitment to environmental stewardship through innovative technology underscores its vision where efficiency meets sustainability. Whether through optimising energy usage with AI Energy Mode or revolutionizing laundry and kitchen routines, Samsung continues to empower users to adopt greener living practices effortlessly.

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