SanDisk New Flash Drive Transfers 4K Movie Within Seconds

Need a super fast reading flash drive that store loads of data, Western D has just released on what is refuted to be the fastest high-capacity USB flash drive to date.

The 256GB SanDisk Extreme Pro 3.1 SSD flash drive, which the company acquired not too long ago is able to deliver the speed, capacity, and reliability of an SSD in the convenient form factor of a small thumb drive. The drive is capable to read speeds up to 420 MB/s and write at speeds of 380MB/s which means transferring a 4K movie be transferred within 15 seconds. With such large storage space, users might get carried away and place valuable files into the USB and might be comprising security, for this aspect consumers can be at peace with the in-place file protection software included, a 128-bit file encryption and password protection.

Price RM469 for the 128GB and RM769 for the 256GB.

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