Samsung Makes Desirable Covers For Galaxy S8 and S8+

Now since you’ve bought your Galaxy S8 or S8+ it must be nice holding your device and using it, the feeling must be ecstatic after all this is the best smartphone in the market today. Paying that kinda of money or lets say investment needs to be protected with a casing or cover but should not be any type but one that compliments the look and design of the S8.

Customers need not fret or wonder from mall to mall looking for that ideal accessory, Samsung has launched a series of accessories that goes sleekishly with you new acquisition.

Make A Statement

We really like the looks of the Alcantara cover, using genuine material that feels like suede to the touch, you will this used in luxury cars. For 2017, there is the silky matte silicone cover.

For those who prefer technology over fashion can opt for the Clear View or LED cover, just like the previous iteration users can have control over calls, music and much more with the cover closed. It also doubles up as a kickstand.

If you are the type who’ still into qwerty keyboards, there is that option with the redesigned keyboard cover but this will stymie the look. Personally I think its ugly, the phone looks to gorgeous itself.

Co branded casing is all the fad nowadays, and Samsung is working with Kate Spade Adidas and Tumi this time with a selection of innovative designs.


Wireless charger with soft padding.

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