Samsung Has Got Some New Bundles For Their 10th Galaxy Anniversary; Just In Time For The Holidays

It’s coming to the end of the year, and holiday season is just around the corner, so it’s not wonder that companies are now equipping themselves for it. Samsung are bringing about a new bundle in time for the end of the year, and to celebrate their 10th Galaxy Anniversary. This time around, they’ve got two bundles that they’re selling, and it’s the Premium Bundle and the Eco Bundle.

The 10th Galaxy Anniversary Premium Bundle comes with a Galaxy Note10+(256GB) with a silicon cover, Galaxy Watch Active2 with two watch straps, and Galaxy buds. This bundle will go for RM 5599, which essentially amounts to you saving RM 615, if you had bought all these items separately.

But is that too much of a commitment to you? Is that too steep an offer? Well lucky for you, they’ve got the Eco Bundle as well. The Eco Bundle comes with a Galaxy Note10+ (256GB) and Galaxy Watch Active2, which goes for RM 4,499. That totals up to saving RM 799, if you bought those separately.

But man, if you were buying these bundles for someone other than yourself, you must really love that person. Sigh.. What is love? Someone please buy me this bundle so I can experience it!

For more information, check out the link here!


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