Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Design And Price Leaks; You Might Not Be Very Happy

As we edge closer to the month of August, the supposed release date for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, the internet elves seem to have doubled down on the output at which leaks are spewing out. Up till recently, all we’ve had to satiate our thirst were speculations as to how many cameras it’ll have or whether it’ll have insanely fast charging and of course, the obscure code names that quite literally tell us nothing about the phone. But thankfully, those days are over.

Thanks to the ever reliable @onleaks, we’ve got a render of how the device will look and it seems to confirm pretty much everything that’s been said about the design, with the traditionally horizontal camera layout now vertical and placed on the right side of the device. Apparently the camera’s only protrude 0.4 millimeters out of the body of the phone, which in all honesty is no big deal in this day and age.

Credit: Onleaks/91mobiles

On the front, the Note 10 gets the infinity-O treatment seen on the S10 series but this time, with a centered punch hole camera on a 6.3-inch, QuadHD+ 3040 x 1440-pixel Dynamic AMOLED panel that supports the HDR10+ high dynamic color range standard. The screen has curved edges and minimal symmetrical bezels on the top and bottom. Interesting enough, the screen is smaller than the Note 9 and S10+ but with news of a Note 10 Pro in the works, it’s no surprise.

All you Bixby button haters can now praise the Lord because if the renders turn out to be accurate, Samsung did away with the perpetual annoyance that is the Bixby button. The left side of the phone now houses the volume and power buttons while the right side is now home to a grand total of 0 buttons. Yup. Maybe all those rumours about how the Note 10 will have no buttons came from a leak of just one side of the phone? It is worth noting however that Samsung has traditionally placed the power button on the right side of their devices so maybe they removed the power button?!?!?! That would be a plot twist and a half!

Unfortunately the renders also show that Samsung seem to have finally stopped equipping their devices with audio jacks. WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS? I still don’t understand.


I am devastated.

I am at a loss for words.

I am so done.


Mocked up design of the Note 10 by designer Ben Geskin and verified by Ice universe

But I also haven’t gotten to the price leak yet. So, according to sources originating from Russia, the Galaxy Note 10 will set you back a good US$1100-US$1200, which converts to a cool range of RM 4572-RM4988. It’s worth mentioning that the sources don’t exactly specify which model of the Galaxy Note 10 will be priced in this range so maybe they’re referring to the Galaxy Note 10 Pro.

Going back to the Galaxy Note 10 Pro we mentioned earlier, according to our favourite leaker, @iceuniverse, the Note 10 Pro will feature a 6.75-inch display and a fourth camera (ToF) slapped on the back of the device, similar to what Huawei have done for their P30-P30 Pro devices. The phone itself does sort of already look like the P30 Pro so I suppose its only fitting.

Well there you have it. Let’s hope Samsung doesn’t shoot itself in the foot again!



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