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[Review] Aztech Full HD Wireless IP Camera

[Review] Aztech Full HD Wireless IP Camera

Easy Installation

Setting up a wireless monitoring or surveillance system for your office or home has never been easier. The Aztech Full HD Wireless IP Camera w/ Pan & Tilt (WIPC411HD) proves just this as it took me less than 10 minutes out of the box to fully set the camera up. All you need to do is plug the power in, connect the camera to your router using the WPS button or Ethernet cable, download the Aztech IP Cam App on your smartphone to set-up.

Flexible Monitoring

The Aztech IP Cam App allows you to connect four wireless IP cameras. They don’t all have to be in the same location; in theory, you could connect the ones in your office and a home simultaneously – as long as their IP addresses have been registered to your app. This makes monitoring or surveillance much easier.

Up, Down, Left, Right

The WIPC411HD is useful to have if you’d like an eagle-eye view of its surrounding. It can pan up to 355° and tilt 120°, which can be controlled through the app in real time, so you’ll be able to see most angles. If you catch your colleague dozing off, there is a built-in speaker to gently remind them that “big brother is watching”. Well, they could also try to give their excuse back at you since the camera has an internal mic.


  • Day & Night
    It doesn’t just provide clear and crisp footage in good lighting, the WIPC411HD has a built-in infrared. Night time monitoring is possible.
  • Direct Recording
    You can record video either on a MicroSD card (up to 128GB), through your smartphone (when prompted) or using the Aztech PSD500 Personal Storage Dongle.

Price: RM480
Dimensions (LxWxH): 115x90x115mm
Weight: 275g
Interfaces: RJ45 10 / 100MB Self – Adaptive Ethernet Port; SD Slot (Up to 128GB TF / SD Card); Internal Microphone; Audio Input Interface
Angle of View (AoV): Horizontal: 85°; Vertical : 45°
Pan Coverage (Horizontal): 355°
Tilt Coverage (Vertical): 120°
Lens: CMOS image sensor 1920×1080 pixels (2.0 Megapixels), 4.2mm focal length
Video: H.264 Video Compression Type; Triple stream: (1920 x 1080), (640 x 352), (320 x 176); Frame Rate: 1~25 fps (50HZ), 1~30 fps (60HZ)
Network: 802.11b / g / n Wireless Standard

Value – 8
Performance – 10
Features – 10
Design – 9
Usability – 10

Score: 9.4

Verdict: Simple to use, easy to set-up equals a piece of mind to anybody wants to monitor something remotely

Reviewed by: Nuratifi

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