Review: Vivo V7+

Selfie Everything!

The phone’s standout feature comes in their front camera. Sporting a 24-megapixels front camera, it takes really sharp, clear photos. Besides that, a really interesting feature is the ability to do group selfies by using a feature similar to panorama shots found on most smartphones on the rear cameras. You pan (not quite 180, but gives a wide angle) and have everyone in shot! Just stay still or you will end up with ghost images we see on memes of panoramic shot fails. The rear 16-megapixels isn’t shabby either – the resulting photos are clear, bright with vibrant colours.

Uninterrupted Gaming

Game Mode prevents incoming calls and messages – so you won’t lose out that battle just because you mum called half way! The vivo V7+ also comes with app clones, allowing you to run duplicates of an app – so you can run multiple accounts on chat apps without being restricted to just one!

Everything in FullView

With very thin bezels at 2.15mm, the phone’s display area is very close to the edge, not too much dissimilar to Apple X’s edge display. This allowed vivo to fit in a 18:9 ratio giving a 5.99-inch screen. This makes viewing videos and playing games much more immersive. Although compared to other phones, it slides on the wider side, so it feels just a teeny bit big on my hands, the design of the phone is pretty slim, making it quite comfortable to hold.

Taking a Chunk of the Apple?

The phone runs on Android 7.1 with Funtouch OS 3.2 overlaid – which makes the interface resemble iOS.

Relearning Navigation

This phone doesn’t  come with buttons. While you can turn the virtual navigation buttons on and off, without the virtual navigation, I’m not very used to operating the phone. A bit like the iPhone where you can swipe the centre from the bottom to return home, you can swipe left and right for toolbars or the back button (position customisable). Swiping up for the toolbar gives you an Apple like easy access bar with WiFi, Bluetooth, torch lights etc. This phone took a bit of getting used to, considering I’m an Android user who is used to the more conventional layouts and buttons.


At this price point for this performance, the vivo V7+ gives reliable performance and interesting features.

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