Review: Sony Xperia XZ1

Performance Power Player

It may not be the speediest device in the market, but performance on this phone is considerably fast and smooth. Graphics rendering on this device is definitely not much of an issue. Generally, the phone is great for multitasking, and some of the Sony apps in the phones also sport a much better performance, making it less prone to overheating. With a Snapdragon 835 chipset, this phone is built for some serious heavylifting, while optimised to give you the best performance without sacrificing too much on battery or speed.

Design Needs an Upgrade

Most phone designs are moving towards a narrow bezel or bezel-less design, but the Xperia is still sporting a huge forehead and chin. While the phone itself has some minor design changes that makes it much more comfortable to hold and much more lightweight to carry around, the basic look and feel of it hasn’t changed much. It’s really time for a design upgrade, Sony. Keeping the design as is also means that there are certain apps where the graphic aspect ratio doesn’t fit the screen as well, showing black sidebars.


While most phones have opted a dual rear camera setting, Sony is still quite stubborn in staying with its single 19-megapixels rear camera, and a 13-megapixel front camera. Curiously as well, it’s a lower resolution than the previous generation of 23-megapixels. Although as far as camera performance goes, Sony has always has the upper hand with its high quality image sensors. The camera gives true to life colours and sharp details. While it may not be the best in low light situations, it still picks up detail really well. That being said, the camera comes with a really neat slo-mo feature that captures some pretty good

Improved Camera App

While previous iterations of the phone sees the camera app not optimised for its full capability, the XZ1 definitely improved significantly, with handy gesture controls and improvements for its front camera.

Disappointing Battery

Considering previous iterations of the Xperia have batteries at 2900mAh, the 2700mAh available on this is rather disappointing. Considering the capabilities of this phone, it definitely eats up battery quite quickly if you are using the phone up to its full potential. The Snapdragon 835 is optimised to be quite efficient on battery use, it is still running out of steam relatively quickly, especially for heavy users. Although if you are using it predominantly for daily music streaming, texting and procrastinating on social media, it stands up to a solid day’s work.

3D Mapping

The phone has a fun little feature called 3D Creator that allows you to do 3D mapping. There are options to map out faces, heads, foods and other freeform scan of objects. For creators and engineers relying heavily on 3D creation, having the capability to map physical objects into a workable digital version is certainly helpful. While it may not be useful or applicable to many people, it’s still a neat little feature that you can have plenty of fun with.


Sony hasn’t really changed much in the XZ1 compared to its other XZ line up. Seriously, they can do much better. They could be saving the major changes into a future major release. As for the XZ1, it is a solid phone, but doesn’t differentiate much from its other phones, apart from maybe using upgraded hardware.



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