Review: Does The U Mobile P48 Post Paid Plan Deliver?


U Mobile comes with various options for postpaid plans, and we got the P48 to test it out ourselves. The plan comes with unlimited voice call to all networks, as well as unlimited free data for social media use, music streaming, and waze. You get 5GB of video streaming too. All these are not limited to time of day or day of the week.

Roaming overseas

While most telcos charge a few for roaming data overseas, U Mobile lets you roam with just RM10 a day unlimited in 12 countries. For P70 and P98 customers you can roam on your existing data plan for free in certain countries. While we haven’t tested any lines overseas, the lines locally is stable enough. Although in certain areas where other telcos easily picks up 4G signals, our testing line was stuck on 3G signals or lower.

New phone? At a discounted price?

The Hero Postpaid P70 and P98, which comes with some extra data and perks, allows users to buy a device with monthly instalments. U Mobile’s Ultimate Device Plans (RM60, RM90, RM 130) also allows you to own a device at discounted price. Although purely basing on telco features you get, we say the Hero postpaid plans are much more worth your buck.

Worthy Points 

Unlimited Free Data 

Free data for social media, waze, and music – you can scroll FB, Instagram, Twitter and use Spotify without worrying about data limit – even if overseas (in certain countries) 

Easy managing 

Easily keep track of your data, calls and sms usage, pay bills or even add on extras with the MyUMobile app. 

Line unstable? 

While the lines are good with strong signals when you have signals, it has a tendency to drop occasionally. Also with certain areas where 4G lines are tested, our testing line sometimes finds it difficult to latch on to a 4G signal, hovering between H+ and 3G. 

Byline: By Satoko Omata

Price: Hero P38 – RM 38; Hero P48 – RM48

Plus Points

Call Onz: Unlimited voice call to all networks

App Onz: Unlimited free data for FB, IG, Twitter

Music Onz: Unlimited free data for music streaming

Waze: Unlimited free data for Waze

Video Onz: Free data for video streaming (5GB for Hero P48)

Data: P38 – 4GB; P48 – 5GB

RATING – Out of 10 points

Value: 9
Features: 8
Performance: 7
Design: n.a
Usability: 9

Verdict: Purely looking at bang for buck, U Mobile Postpaid plans certainly gives you more than your money’s worth. However, remember to read the small print because it comes with certain restrictions and you might be better off with some other plan or deals.

Total Score: 8.2

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