Review: Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro L Keyboard

V – 7/10

P – 9/10

F – 8/10

D – 9/10

U – 9/10

Total – 8.4/10

Verdict: A versatile keyboard for both your personal and professional lives


Based in Taiwan and famous for manufacturing computer hardware, Cooler Master has steadily made a name for itself as an aftermarket brand for computer chassis, coolers, PSU and many other accessories. Unboxing the Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro L was a delight to say the least; being greeted by its colour cycling LED keys just made staring at it all the more memorable.

Cherry-flavoured Keys

With the use of the softer, less clicky keys from the Brown Cherry MX switches, the Masterkeys Pro L is perfectly suitable for both work and gaming use. You never have to worry about annoying your work mates with the constant loud clicking that comes with other Cherry MX swtiches. Typing on the Masterkeys Pro L is highly comfortable as it requires less effort to press the keys all the way down, thus making typing a lot faster and easier on the fingers.

Illuminati Confirmed

No, I have yet to find any evidence that the Illuminati even exists, although all signs point to it (cue The X-Files theme song). However, the illumination I got from the Masterkeys Pro L was out of this world. All you have to do is head to the Cooler Master website and download the Driver Application Software to gain full access to the various modes, which include Breathing, Wave, Ripple, Colour Cycling, and Rain Drops, just to name a few.

Aside from the app, you can even gain control over the keyboard through the keys itself. The function keys located at the top row of the keyboard allows you to customise it at your whim; it even allows you to set your own macro keys as well as LED recording for your own miniature LED light show.

You even gain access to your media library through the keyboard with the help of its media keys. Skip tracks, increase or decrease the volume, or just press Pause whenever you want without having to look at your media player.

Anti-Ghosting Technology

The Masterkeys Pro L comes with the latest in anti-ghosting technology, featuring two technologies rolled into one. This allows the keyboard’s functions and macros to be compatible even with iOS systems. After switching from a Windows to a Mac, I tried gaming and although the keyboard still worked perfectly fine, I highly recommend to not game on a Mac; it was the biggest mistake of my life.

Aside from compatibility with different OS systems, the Masterkeys Pro L also comes combined with the N-key as well as the 6-key rollover together, ensuring each keystroke is detected correctly, regardless of how many other keys are pressed. You now never have to worry about typing too fast and making mistakes as the Masterkeys Pro L will be able to correct you every step of the way.


Written by Wi-Liam

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