Studio Grade Streaming With Razer Kiyo Cam

Gamers if you’re struggling to get a good view of your opponent its because he or she is not using the new Razer Kiyo desktop camera which comes equipped with an adjustable ring light. Now we know for a fact gaming is done in the dark with just light flickers on the monitor screen giving the face some resembles of a human being. With Razer Kiyo thats no longer an issue.

The camera come with twelve levels of brightness to help achieve ideal lighting in most environment, streamers no longer have to rely on low-light compensation with lowered frame rates. Recording in high-definition video outputs at 720p with 60 FPS and up to 1080p with 30 FPS. It supports streaming platforms like Open Broadcaster and Xsplit.

Available for US$99.99 (approx. RM420)

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