Razer Go: A Chat App for Pokémon Go

razer_comms_introThe Pokémon Go game app actually lacks chat functionality, so Razer steps in to fill in the gap by providing a platform for Pokémon Go players to chat among each other by using a chat app. The new chat app will allow players to talk to each other on a local, regional or even global scale.

A web version of RazerGo is already live here, and Android and iOS apps are expected to follow around 25 July, pending approval from both stores. RazerGo uses your location just like Pokémon Go, and users can choose to talk in the local (a 5km radius), regional (100km), or global (1,000km) chat. In fact, there’s a slider that you can use to input a custom radius.

The app allows users to chat with the public in the public chatroom, with teammates, or even whispers to individuals.

Razer also has plans to introduce a feature that allows users to drop so-called “Beacons” to open a chat room that is only available near them.

For now, Pokémon Go isn’t out yet, so check in later to find out more about the game.



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