Pokemon Fan Unveils Revised Design For Paradox Entei Ahead Of Indigo Disk DLC

As the eagerly anticipated Indigo Disk DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet approaches, a dedicated Pokemon fan has taken it upon themselves to reimagine what a Past Paradox form of Entei could look like.

According to Gamerant, this creative endeavor comes in light of the fact that Entei, the legendary Fire-type Pokemon, is the only one among the trio of legendary beasts to not have an official Past Paradox form.

Picture credited to PhatmonMonstratos and Gamerant

The fan artist, known as PhatmonMonstraros, shared their second version of Paradox Entei on Reddit. This iteration incorporates valuable feedback received from the Pokemon community after the release of the initial design.

Referred to as “Burning Brute” in alignment with Pokemon Scarlet’s nomenclature, PhatmonMonstraros envisions Paradox Entei as a Fire and Dragon dual-type, complementing the types assigned to its counterparts, Walking Wake and Raging Bolt.

In this updated design, the artist maintained the essence of Paradox Entei’s face, staying true to the original, while introducing a triceratops collar and horns to enhance its distinctive features.

Drawing inspiration from the spinosaurus and triceratops, the artist crafted a fusion that resonates with the Fire and Dragon elements.

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet community has expressed appreciation for both versions of Paradox Entei, acknowledging the intricate details and thematic coherence with the Pokemon universe.

While the Past Paradox forms of Suicune (Walking Wake) and Raikou (Raging Bolt) have been confirmed for the upcoming Indigo Disk DLC, the official introduction of Paradox Entei is yet to be confirmed by The Pokemon Company.

As anticipation builds for the return of classic Legendary Pokemon in The Indigo Disk, fans will continue to fill the gap with imaginative interpretations of iconic creatures.

The unveiling of Paradox Entei remains a topic of speculation, leaving the Pokemon community eager to witness if and when this fiery legend will make its official appearance in the series.

(Source: Gamerant)

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