PM Updates Nation On RMCO Status, He’s Back!

Stay tuned everyone, we know you missed seeing Prime Minister (kesana kesini) Tan Sri Muhyiddin coming on TV today at 4pm and updating us on the status of the Movement Recovery Order, well you’re in luck he is back!

With the deadline on RMCO scheduled to last until August 31, the Prime Minister is going on RTM to update Malaysian on what will be the next action for the country. Will there be an extension or will we see the end of the order? As we can observe on the daily reports, Covid-19 cases are still active, just this week 7 new clusters emerged with Selangor registering 3. Number of cases have been erratic from single digits on some days to double digits on others.

Business sectors are at full force with all economy opened up barring those that are considered high risk like Clubs and Nightspots. Even events can now exceed 250 pax depending on the venue and space, despite the approval there is still hesitance from the public to gather in large crowded places.

Since March 16, the Prime Minister has come on air to announce the MCO, CMCO and RMCO different phases of the order that helped Malaysia ease of the deadliest pandemic the world has ever see.

Confirmed cases globally now stands at 14.4 million with 604, 000 deaths, Malaysia records 8779 and 123 deaths.

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