PlayStation Says The X Button Has Always Been Called ‘Cross’; WHAT?!?

Sony’s PlayStation has basically ruined their consoles for me. And if you’re wondering why, it’s because of a tweet. Just. One. Tweet.

What started off with a wholesome meme, where Twitter user @drip133 commented, “do you say “x” or “cross” button”, which proceeded to literally everyone alive flaming him, and even one Twitter user saying; “whoever say cross is a cop”.

But it wasn’t enough for it to end there, and PlayStation just HAD to chime in. PlayStation UK ended up replying at the tweet, saying that; “If the Cross is called X (it’s not), then what are you calling Circle? 🤔”. Okay fine PlayStation, I sometimes call the Circle button the ‘O’ button. You caught me. But their rationale for it isn’t bad. It actually makes sense. The buttons on the PlayStation consoles are named after shapes, so I guess that canonically, the X is a Cross. But it feels wrong to even think it.

All this is honestly, news to me, because I’ve NEVER heard anyone call the ‘X’ button, the Cross button. And it’s ridiculous to think anyone would. Low-key, this doesn’t really change anything for PlayStation users and gamers, but in my heart, I’ll always know. It isn’t an X, it’s a cross..

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