PC.com Awards 2023 – TM

Unifi – Best Fixed Broadband

At Unifi, our primary focus is to enhance the overall customer experience and provide exceptional service. We strive to make things easier for our customers by streamlining processes, offering self-service options, and ensuring prompt customer support. We actively seek feedback from our customers to address any concerns and identify areas where we can improve.

We are excited about exploring new opportunities to expand our services beyond traditional fixed-line broadband. Our goal is to diversify into emerging areas such as the Internet of Things (IoT), smart home solutions, and enterprise solutions. This allows us to cater to the specific needs of different market segments and provide innovative solutions.

Maintaining competitive pricing is vital for us to attract and retain customers. We regularly review our pricing plans and packages to ensure that we offer compelling rates while delivering value to our customers.

We are truly grateful to receive the esteemed “Best Fixed Broadband” accolade. This recognition highlights our position as the top performer and the preferred choice among fixed-line broadband service providers. We deeply appreciate the support, trust, and recognition from our loyal customers.

This recognition further reinforces our commitment to being a trusted and essential provider of reliable broadband services. It strengthens our resolve to contribute positively to Malaysia’s nation-building efforts.

As part of our commitment to deliver faster and more reliable broadband services, we continue to invest in expanding and upgrading our network infrastructure. This involves deploying advanced fibre-optic cables, upgrading equipment, and increasing network capacity. These measures enable us to meet the growing demands of our customers in the digital age.

We remain dedicated to driving innovative technological advancements that enhance our customers’ broadband experience. Our focus includes delivering higher Internet speeds and providing value-added services that align with our customers’ digital lifestyles. We prioritise digital and self-service options to improve customer experiences.

Collaborating with other companies and forming strategic partnerships play a crucial role in expanding our service offerings and reaching a wider customer base. These partnerships may involve content providers, device manufacturers, or other technology companies. Together, we create bundled offerings or exclusive content packages that enrich our customers’ experiences.

We are committed to strengthening our leadership position in converged fixed-line broadband, mobile services, digital content, and lifestyle devices within communities. In the coming months, our customers can expect exciting and innovative products as we support initiatives for the nation’s digitalisation, encourage broadband adoption, promote digital inclusivity, and enhance digital literacy.

Unifi continually aims to improve operational efficiencies and deliver a seamless customer experience. We believe this will allow us to retain our competitive edge and market leadership position. By better serving the digital needs of our customers, anytime and anywhere, we strive to provide an exceptional overall experience.

Unifi Business – Best Business Fixed Broadband

The morale of almost 700 Unifi Business personnel nationwide has been boosted significantly by the PC.com “Best Business Fixed Broadband” award and has inspired us to tirelessly enrich our business solutions, upskill our people, and continously improve our support to the communities and businesses we serve.

The global health crisis transformed the business environment rapidly, forcing micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to pivot their businesses online. Unifi Business paved the way for this digital transformation by empowering and enabling MSMEs’ transition.

Our initial challenges were connecting with and encouraging them to transform. We realised that the MSMEs were stuck in the awareness stage; understanding the importance of digitalisation but not knowing where or how to start.

Recognising the urgency to get them started on their journey, we quickly embarked on a survey with Bank Simpanan Nasional to study how we could best help them. As a result of the study, we understood that MSMEs’ three main challenges were mindset, skillset and toolset. Hence our three growth enablers to assist MSMEs to adopt digitalisation in their business operations address these challenges as they seek to grow their business.

Firstly, we provide MSMEs with comprehensive solutions. Unifi Business offers some of the best co-created solutions, bundled with attractive pricing and benefits tailored to MSME needs. MSMEs can choose from a range of attractive FMCC (fixed mobile convergence & content) bundles with flexible configurations and tiered discounts. These solutions have been specifically put together to address MSME needs.

Secondly, we provide MSMEs with unparalleled support options. Unifi has set up the largest localised support network in our efforts to accelerate MSME digital adoption. There are over 700+ local support personnel nationwide and 200 personnel who have obtained certification from ICDL Asia, the world’s leading computer skills certification body. In addition, there are 84 SME corners at our Unifi Stores nationwide, each boasting a Premium Lane specifically catering to Unifi Business customers. You can be assured of premium technical support, with a dedicated care crew and our 24-hour service guarantee.

Thirdly, all our Unifi Business customers are invited to be members of our award-winning SME community hub, the Unifi Business Club. With almost 400,000 memberships, this one-stop business community gives access to key business resources to accelerate digital adoption; namely, knowledge, technology, financial and talent solutions.

In addition to solutions, we have worked with MSMEs at the grassroots across Malaysia to help grow their leadership and digital capabilities through numerous empowerment and training programmes, strengthening their role as the nation’s engine of growth.

We invite you to visit our new Unifi Stores, which will include a dedicated SME space to drive digital transformation for businesses, provide customers access to digital business solutions, coupled with exclusive digital business consultancy and co-sharing workspaces for collaboration.

TM – Best Enterprise Telco

The “Best Enterprise Telco” Award comes on the heels of other prestigious awards and accolades that TM has won recently focusing on the enterprise segment. For instance, TM One, the enterprise and public sector business arm of TM, was recognised by Frost & Sullivan as the Malaysian Cybersecurity Services Company of the Year for 2022; while Telekom Research & Development Sdn. Bhd. (TM R&D), the innovation arm of TM, won the “Digital-Utilities” Award for its FORCE smart workforce management solution at the recent Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 2023 (MTEA), organised by the Asian Business Review.

As Malaysia’s leading network provider, we continue to increase and upgrade our fibre network capacity to support higher traffic and low-latency requirements. We also provide a wide range of communication services and solutions across enterprise digitalisation, fixed (telephony and broadband), mobility, content, WiFi, ICT, cloud, data centres, cybersecurity, Internet of Things (IoT), and smart services.

TM recognises the vast potential offered by current technological trends, including the expanding cloud infrastructure, Big Data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), outsourced application development and management, as well as advancements in “Software as a Service” and smart solutions.

Leveraging these opportunities, TM has successfully positioned itself as a leader in the enterprise segment through its bespoke solutions. Notably, TM One has achieved significant milestones, such as delivering Private 5G solutions to facilitate Smart Industry initiatives and successfully completing a hybrid cloud project that has played a crucial role in transforming its customer’s IT backbone.

TM One also launched its 5G Sphere Partner Programme at the end of 2022 with over 90 leading partners registered to date. TM One 5G Sphere harnesses 5G services and capabilities to accelerate the commercialisation of fit-for-purpose solutions and use cases.

Building on that success, TM One launched the Sandbox platform this year, providing a secure and controlled environment for customers and technology partners to co-create and commercialise innovative smart service solutions, which will propel their digitalisation and automation transformation.

TM continues to lead the industry in innovation, customer centricity, and value creation. The Group remains committed to innovating and implementing technologies that have the potential to enhance the lives and experiences of all Malaysians.

This recognition serves as a testament to the unwavering dedication and hard work of our Warga TM. and strengthens our focus in fostering a sustainable future and enhancing the social, economic, and environmental well-being of communities, businesses and the Government.

As the nation’s leading converged telco and technology company, we are uniquely positioned to directly serve the nation’s interest and make a profound impact on all customer segments. Through our strong commercial viability and dedication to sustainability, we will continue to invest in strengthening our core business, exploring new growth areas, and creating a positive and lasting influence on communities and the nation at large.


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