PATAPON2 Remastered Will Be Hitting The PS4 ON 31st January; PATA PATA PATA PON!!

Sony Interactive Entertainment Singapore Private Limited (SIES) announces today that the PlayStation 4 software “PATAPON2 Remastered” will be released tomorrow on 31 st January 2020. The Digital Standard Edition will be available at MYR 59.

About PATAPON2 Remastered

The game starts off as you and the Patapons are shipwrecked in a new and strange land, and you, the Mighty One, will be depended on to bring them safely on your new adventure. Your mystical war drums will guide the tribe through the new land as they battle their deadly new rival tribe, meet a new and mysterious, powerful Patapon Hero, and uncover the ruins of Patapolis, an ancient place told in tales by the Patapons.

But what’s new for the Remastered version? Well PATAPON2 is now in native 4K for PlayStation 4 Pro systems with a compatible 4K display, or 1080p resolution on a normal PS4 and HD display device. This means smoother lines and textures, which is great. They even look great in the trailer released a few days ago.

Other than that, the game will feature six different drumbeats to command the Patapon troops to either march, attack, defend, power up, retreat, or use magic. Combine the various drumbeats to address each level to be victorious over the Zigoton enemy forces. There’s also 30 specific missions which include hunting, escort, and boss battles. That might not sound very expansive content wise, but there are a number of various environments and over 100 items and weapons to equip your Patapons with.


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