OPPO Reno4 Pro Review; Great Performance Overall But Still Has Room For Improvement

The OPPO Reno4 and Reno4 Pro are the new addition to the OPPO Reno series. The Reno4 Pro comes in 2 colours; Black and White and I had the privilege to test the phone first hand. OPPO phones are known for being one of the best camera phones out there and I have the proof to back up this statement.

In this review, we will be looking at the design, camera, performance, speed, battery life and I will give you my final thoughts in the end. The OPPO Reno4 Pro is available in Malaysia for RM 2, 399.00 which I know is a bit pricey but hopefully this review will convince you that the phone is definitely worth its price. Let’s get into it:

Design and Display

The OPPO Reno4 Pro comes with a 6.5 inch AMOLED display with a 1080p resolution and a curved screen which I know is not everyone’s cup of tea but I’ve had no problems with the curved screen so far. The phone has a good weight; not too heavy, not too light. The back of the phone is matte plastic and it feels really good and the white one looks super smooth and clean in my opinion.

The fingerprint reader is located at the bottom of the screen in the middle and it’s decent. It doesn’t really respond well like its predecessors and sometimes I have to lift and put my finger on the scanner a couple of times for it to finally unlock. But facial recognition is good, no problems whatsoever.

Battery Life

One of the most impressive things about this phone is the battery. The Reno4 Pro comes with a 4,000mAh battery and a 65W the SuperVOOC charger. With a full charge, the phone can last up to 20 hours on a basic use and it can charge from 7% up to 80% in 30 minutes. Yup, that’s right. From 7% to 80% in 30 minutes. Now that’s impressive.


The Reno4 Pro has 4 cameras at the back; 1 extra camera compared to the normal Reno4. The cameras are 48MP (main) + 8MP (ultra-wide angle) + 2MP (marco) +2MP (mono). Below you can see some unedited photos I took with the phone and I was very impressed with the quality.

The colours are vibrant, the images are very clear, the super zoom is really good too as you can see and the 32MP selfie camera is not bad either. I’ll admit I was worried about the selfie camera and just how HD its gonna look but hey not bad I guess? The photo quality I mean, not my face.

The video records up to 4K and if you’re looking to start your YouTube career, this camera can definitely help you with that. I’ve actually used the front camera to film my Wiko phone unboxing video. The phone is equipped with a screen recorder and the quality is pretty good in my opinion as it doesn’t really lower the quality too much.

There are 2 down sides to the camera; One, that it doesn’t come equipped with a QR code scanner which I think every new phone should have especially at a time like this when you need to scan QR codes to enter buildings. Two, the super night mode takes a super long while to load and you have to be completely still so that the camera can detect the object clearly; if you’re the object, good luck cause it will feel like you’re posing for an art class.


The OPPO Reno4 Pro runs on ColorOS 7.2, based on Android 10 and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G processor. From my personal experience with the phone, it’s very fast. I played Pokemon Go on this thing and you can see how well and fast the phone responds to touch in the screen recorded video below. It doesn’t lag and very rarely crash. There is a slight delay when you swipe the phone but it’s not too noticeable so I will let that slide as it still responds very well to touch (minus the fingerprint reader).

Final Thoughts

Though it is not the perfect phone, overall I was very satisfied with what the OPPO Reno4 Pro has to offer. The battery life is super good that I didn’t have to even bring the charger with me to work. The camera quality is very satisfying, though they should really consider adding a QR code scanner and improve on the super night mode.

Sound quality is clear, no distortions when you put the phone on full volume and you don’t have to project your voice much as the built-in microphone can capture your whispers clearly without too much background noise. They should really fix that fingerprint reader because it was getting a little annoying not being able to unlock the phone the first time.

I was very impressed with the 128GB internal storage as well, you won’t have to worry about buying an SD card for a while. For its price of RM 2, 399.00, I believe you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. What do you guys think? Will you buy the phone? I personally would buy the phone so definitely saving up for it.

I will be doing a comparison of the Vivo X50 Pro and the OPPO Reno4 Pro so be on the lookout for that.


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